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Jump across the Arctic Circle, marvel at the majestic Torne River that runs on the border between Sweden and Finland, and snap a selfie with the world’s greatest view over Torne Valley as a backdrop.

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getting here

With several airports and a train station within a 2-hour drive, getting to Övertorneå is a breeze. Rent a car or arrange a transfer from the airport or train station through your hotel or activity provider – we promise a stunning road trip year-round.


“kyllä se kannatte”

(yes we can)

Midnight sun Övertorneå climate and seasons

climate and seasons in the Arctic

Övertorneå is situated right on the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, which makes the seasons defined. Learn more about the climate.

a local’s guide to Övertorneå – vacation, staycation, adventures

a local’s guide to Övertorneå

Hidden gems, insider tips and micro adventures – follow a local through Övertorneå and get inspired for your next road trip, vacation or staycation.

minority language speak meänkieli

minority language: meänkieli

Did you know that many of the locals in Övertorneå speak the minority language meänkieli, which translates to “our language”?



stay here

Wake up surrounded by inspiring art in a boutique hotel, or open the tent flap to a panorama view of a lake. Perhaps you are a friend group, looking for a hostel? Or you might be bringing your own accommodation on wheels? Övertorneå offers a stay for every taste and wallet.