Skating experiences, skiing, twisting, underground aquifers, land and/or water capable rides and canine force sledges… There are such a large number of reasons that ask everybody to go to Lake Baikal in winter. The colder time of year trip here, I accept everybody will feel that this excursion is beneficial! Visit Russia, get your Russian visa at

Winter on Lake Baikal is the genuine winter: long, chilly, blanketed and bright. Here you can track down all the colder time of year diversions you are utilized to: from skating or skiing, to fishing under the ice, underground aquifers and genuine Siberian saunas. Besides, it causes individuals to comprehend what is snow and what is cold! Nonetheless, the cost is pretty much as low as the temperature. For guests, the main thing is to dress comfortably and have a solid body and interest. It tends to be said that you have not encountered this sort of rest.

The ice of Lake Baikal

Consistently toward the beginning of October, the main virus comes to Irkutsk Oblast and the adjoining Republic of Buryatia. Be that as it may, the coldest period is December. In this season, ice has fixed Lake Baikal, and the thickness and thickness of the ice are expanding; just in mid-April, the ice starts to liquefy. From November to May each year, the shore of Lake Baikal is constantly covered with snow, and the thickness of the snow layer can arrive at 2 meters. On the off chance that the thick snow doesn’t stun the vacationers, the white ice of Lake Baikal is really a unique piece of paradise and earth.

The water of Lake Baikal is so perfect and straightforward that you can see the stones 40 meters deep submerged. Subsequent to being frozen, the water turned into a similar spotless and straightforward ice.

Stunning photographs of ice and snow

No place will you see guests continually taking pictures on the frozen ice. Perfect and straightforward ice, loaded with blue and all shades from light blue to blue-earthy colored. There are stunning examples, breaks and air pockets in the ice. The most loved amusement of sightseers is to lie on the ice and investigate the profound waters of Lake Baikal. Take pictures, take pictures and take pictures consistently. The enormous ice shelves and white precipices of Lake Baikal add beautiful shadings to the photos like charts.

Regular ice arena

It isn’t just the greatness of nature that draws in travelers to Lake Baikal. This enormous freshwater lake is additionally the biggest and pleasant ice arena on the planet. Because of the spotless ice of the lake and the solid breeze, the ice surface of Lake Baikal is exceptionally level and smooth. The most “challenging” outrageous games devotees come to do genuine skating experiences.

Conventional travelers don’t have to make such an accomplishment: any generally great recovery base on the shore will clean the ice around the lake extremely perfect, so it can lease ice skates and go skating on the normal ice arena.

What’s more, you can likewise play twisting or golf on the ice of Lake Baikal, and hold an ice mold craftsmanship celebration.

Street on ice

The lake ice of Baikal has significant pragmatic worth for sightseers, yet in addition for nearby occupants. The thickness and hardness of ice is extraordinary to the point that there are consistently individuals driving, snowmobiles or land and/or water capable boats on the ice to discover the most lovely lake shores.

In the mid year, driving courses are restricted: there are less streets along the lake, and the most enchanting regions must be reached by walking or by helicopter. In winter, it tends to be reached via vehicle or by walking.

By and large, the most grounded ice can last from mid-February to early April. The main suggestion isn’t to comply with the traffic rules: skate on ice and don’t wear safety belts in any capacity. Additionally, you should just utilize your correct hand to drive the vehicle, and your left hand should consistently be prepared to open the entryway, so you can open the entryway and leap out of the vehicle when you track down that the vehicle is going to sink. This isn’t electrifying. You know, many such misfortunes happen on Lake Baikal consistently.

Ice fishing

In January, when the Baikal inlet froze consistently, the anglers started to stroll on the ice. Since February, the ice thickness has arrived at 1.5 meters, and fishing should be possible all over. The most agreeable and gnawing place is the little ocean between Irkutsk Oblast and Olikhon Island. From the ice opening, you can get roost, burbot, grayling and the most acclaimed Baikal harvest time whitefish.

Jumping under ice

Any sort of jumping is to swim in a different universe. Notwithstanding, if your upper part is a delightfully cut 1.5-meter thick layer of ice, the inclination is altogether different from that on the ground. This sort of amusement is just appropriate for exceptionally experienced jumpers who are prepared to face challenges and manage phenomenal conditions. To jump, you need a “dry” wetsuit. This gear can be leased at a nearby plunging focus, for example, in Listvyanka.

The breeze of Lake Baikal

The most genuine and hazardous parts of Lake Baikal are winds. These breezes are unique, and just nearby occupants can precisely tell whether the little twist just began is a delicate breeze or a blizzard that is going to come to fruition.

On the shores of Lake Baikal, there is generally a quiet wind. Yet, the overall breeze is very frightening! The most terrifying thing is the Sharma style. At the point when the nearby occupants feel the breeze is drawing closer, they will cover up right away. Solid breezes can clear individuals away at a quick speed along the smooth ice surface. Thusly, you would do well to not remain excessively far from the shore. Thusly, you can return quickly when the climate is terrible.

Ski occasion on Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is encircled by high mountains nearly from all sides. The culminations of these high mountains are shrouded with snow even in summer. There is a ski community on the slants of Sayang Mountain. The most well known ski resort is Sobolina Mountain on the southeastern shore of the lake. There are 8 arrangements of lift trucks serving 12 ski trails with an all out length of 17 kilometers. The most noteworthy point is at 1004 meters, and the stature distinction is around 500 meters.

Obviously, there are a lot really intriguing ski buildings in Russia and adjoining nations. Be that as it may, the landscape of Lake Baikal and Hamardaban Mountain is no place practically identical.

The Mamai Mountain not far away resembles a heavenly land for skiers. In November, it began to snow here. In serious winter, the snow profundity can arrive at 6 meters. Along these lines, skiing here is very hazardous. You need to see how to hold yourself in the profound and cushy snow, and you ought to bring the essential gear for this sort of snow: on the off chance that you fall into the snow, you won’t show your head. The normal snow of Mamai Mountain, the longest slant is around 3 kilometers.

Pony riding and canine draw sledge rides

Lake Baikal is smooth and there is no compelling reason to climb the inclines. There is a pony ranch and a canine homestead for pulling sledges in Listvyanka. Riding a pony or canine force sledge, you can swim in the Siberian virgin woods.

Take a snowmobile or land and/or water capable boat visit

Need to encounter speed? Riding a snowmobile permits you to see the colder time of year kaleidoscope on a more modest excursion: from the snow-shrouded virgin woods to the stunning magnificence of the unending sky over Baikal.

In the event that you are keen on going on the frozen lake, you can pick the profoundly portable “Sirus”. This is a little air cushion vehicle. With this air cushion vehicle, you can arrive at the most brilliant characteristic landscape on the shores and islands of Lake Baikal.

Underground aquifers of Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal in winter, around the grand Sayan, there are not just forlorn and appealing snow and immense air flows, yet in addition underground aquifers that carry joy to individuals. These natural aquifers are focused on the shores of Buryatia. The best fixed and correspondingly costly natural aquifer is situated at Kotelnikovskiy Cape. Throughout the entire year, you can just reach here through the lake: in summer by boat, in winter via vehicle, “Sirus” air cushion vehicle or snowmobile.

In Transbaikal National Park, you can visit the underground aquifers of Zminina Bay for nothing. There are wooden disrobing rooms and baths, and there are basically no individuals. The simplest path is to take the electric train from Severobaikalsk to Zhelinda and Goudzhet natural aquifers. There is even a free passenger vehicle to the Hakus Thermal Springs Health Resort.

Siberian sauna

In the event that you imagine that going to the natural aquifer along the ice of Lake Baikal is too outrageous, at that point you can feel the glow in a genuine Russian sauna. Sauna administrations are accessible in numerous wellbeing bases and private hotels. Siberians will give you a genuine steaming encounter! At that point, drink cold brew, eat salmon or whitefish, taste Siberian grass tea, and appreciate a tasty supper.

Siberian and Buryat feasting

On Lake Baikal, make certain to attempt the nearby hot-smoked harvest time whitefish, dried fennel filets, Siberian moved fish filets made with frozen fish, and cured new fish filets. The meat dumplings like steamed buns are more flavorful and soothe hunger. The Buryat public soup is made of sheep. On the shore of Irkutsk, when the eating is going to end, the host will give you home grown tea; while on the shore of Buryatia, you can taste milk tea.