Routine maintenance involves replacing any car parts that are damaged or worn out due to lack of maintenance. Continue reading to find out about the ten most frequently replaced parts for vehicles.


The risk of your vehicle’s battery failing increases as it ages. If this happens while you are away, your car may need a jump start to get moving. Low charge and acid stratification are the main causes of battery failure. However, poor driving habits like leaving the lights on and running the air conditioner while the car isn’t being driven and going on too many trips to allow the battery time to fully charge can also lead to problems. It is a good idea to change the battery every 4 to 5 years and to inspect it for any physical defects, damaged cables, or dirty terminals now and again.

Exterior Lighting

Headlights are more likely to fail than brake lights, turn signals, and taillights. You can’t see the light coming on from the inside of the car, so you need to inspect it regularly. You can have a friend outside to inspect each of these lights.

Brake Rotors

The rotors prevent your vehicle’s brakes from heating up during operation. The rotors become less efficient over time due to friction between the brake pads, calipers, and brake pads. You run the risk of a potentially dangerous brake failure if they become too worn. You should pay attention to any squealing or grinding noises, as well as any “pulsing” when you brake; these are signs of damage and will need to be checked immediately.


Driving dirt and other debris can cause stress cracks or dents in windshields. The glass may be cracked or broken completely by accidents. A clean windshield can help prevent scratches from occurring. However, it is important to address any more severe damage immediately. Clear tape can be used to prevent stress cracks from spreading and maintain a consistent temperature in the vehicle until the glass is installed.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

A working tire pressure monitoring system is more effective than a non-working one. However, if the battery fails, this safety device can stop working. There are two types: Indirect systems, which read the tire pressure using sensors in your antilock brakes, determine if the pressure is correct by monitoring how many rotations each tire has relative to others. Direct systems, on the other hand, have sensors inside the tires that provide more precise readings. If the system stops working, professional assistance is required.

Headlight Components

For nighttime safety and weather conditions, working headlights are vital. You are at risk of accidents if your lights don’t give enough light.

Spark Plugs

You may notice performance problems like difficulty starting the vehicle, poor acceleration, rough idle, misfiring, or surging.

Remote Keyless Entry

Battery failure is the leading cause of keyless entry. This can be easily fixed by replacing the battery with a fresh one. A common problem is an improper storage. Unintentional activation of the locking mechanism, panic alarm, or panic alarm when buttons are accidentally pressed occurs more often than you might think.

Door Handles & Locks

When it comes to the most used parts of a car, door handles and locks are often forgotten. Door locks can wear out and fail if they are used repeatedly. There are many signs that a lock cylinder (the mechanism that allows entry) may need to be replaced.

  • The key can get stuck or even break off in the lock
  • Some doors can be opened with the key, but not all
  • The keys go in the locks, but they won’t turn

These problems are usually mechanical and should be addressed to ensure safety for you and your passengers.

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