see and do


Encounter reindeer, explore the woodlands on a hike, watch the northern lights and take in the sights. There are plenty of things to see and do in Övertorneå. Scroll down to get inspired.


points of interest

Arctic Circle monument in Övertorneå Juoksengi

Arctic Circle

Övertorneå and the village Juoksengi sits right on the Arctic Circle, and this is also where you find a monument over the abstract latitude. Jump across and snap a picture!

Kattilakoski rest stop in Övertorneå


Kattilakoski has been rewarded the most beautiful rest stop in northern Sweden several times and is worth a stop. Watch Torne River break into a rapid and enjoy the vast views.

Luppio Mountain Övertorneå

Luppio Mountain

Luppio Mountain (in Swedish: Luppioberget) offers breathtaking views over the Torne Valley. You can drive up to a parking lot from where you can hike up to the top.

Svanstein Sign in Övertorneå

The Svanstein Sign

The village Svanstein got a bit of Hollywood-glam – the sign on the mountain looks like its American twin! You can watch it from the roadside or hike up to the sign if you feel adventurous.

Stars under the Sky The Road of Arts Övertorneå

The Road of Arts

The Road of Arts follows the old railway in Övertorneå where you can enjoy wonderful artworks by renowned artists. Walk or bike (or ski during winter) along the nature trail.

Tornedalskvinnan Övertorneå

The Torne Valley Woman

In the center of Övertorneå, you’ll find the artwork the Torne Valley Woman symbolised by a floating skirt, which is heated to 37°C year-round so you to can sit down on it.

where to eat

Utblick Luppioberget Luppio Mountain Övertorneå


Dine with a view in this restaurant and café on the Luppio mountain during the summer.

La Bonte Övertorneå

La Bontè

The local pizza restaurant that also offers lunches. Also available for take-away.

Arctic Garden Café Flower Shop Övertorneå

Arctic Garden

Enjoy a light lunch or some Swedish fika in this flower shop-café.

Polcirkelhuset Arctic Circle Sign


Enjoy pizza, hamburgers and other easy dishes right by the Arctic Circle monument.

Övertorneå Grill

Övertorneå Grill

The local burger place that offers a wide selection of burger meals and fast food dishes.

unique experiences

rail bike dressin RiipiBo Övertorneå

Rail bike

Try a rail bike on Sweden’s longest abandoned railway (93 km). Buy a picnic basket with Swedish Fika from RiipiBo and head out on a fun adventure that suits everyone – young and old, families and friends.

Lookout Tower Arthotel Övertorneå unique experience

Lookout Tower

Spend a night in the Lookout Tower, exclusively built by Arthotel, far into the Arctic woodlands. Enjoy a meal, made over open fire and cuddle up by the fireplace inside the tower when evening comes.

Make your own Sami cup Forest Jewel Övertorneå

Create a wooden cup

Make your own Sámi inspired cup at Forest Jewel in Övertorneå. With guidance from experienced Sámi cup creators, you drill, sand and design your own cup that you can bring with you on your next adventure.

culture and history

Hanhivittikko summer pasture Fäbod Övertorneå


Visit the summer pasture Hanhivittikko, idyllic meadowlands where you can watch grazing cows and learn more about the traditional way of life in Tornedalen.

Aunesgården Homestead Övertorneå


Aunesgården is an old homestead in Övertorneå. Here you find an exhibition of Torne Valley history and culture.

Struve Geodetic Arc Pullinki Övertorneå

Struve Geodetic Arc

The world heritage Struve Geodetic Arc is a measure point on the mountain Pullinki in Övertorneå. The arc defined the shape of the earth back in the 1800s.

Särkilax Church Övertorneå

Särkilax Church

This church reopened 400 years after the ice drift and spring flood swept it away. It was rebuilt by volunteers in a traditional way. Visit and get a guided tour inside Särkilax.

Svanstein Church Övertorneå

Svanstein Church

You can’t miss the pink church in the village Svanstein! The building itself is beautiful and has a rich 150-year old history.

Övertorneå Kyrka Övertorneå Church

Övertorneå Church

The most famous piece inside Övertorneå Church is the music organ. The organ is beautifully ornamented, with sculptures made by Mårten Redtmer who decorated the ship Vasa.

Röda Kvarn Övertorneå

Röda Kvarn

Röda Kvarn translates to the red mill and was actually named after the Parisian Moulin Rouge. A historic site for entertainment.

dog sled tours

Mountain Madness dog sled tour Övertorneå

Mountain Madness

Head out on a winter adventure on a dog sled with strong Siberian Huskies.

SAM Arctic dog sled Övertorneå winter

SAM Arctic

Enjoy the snow-clad landscape from a dog sled pulled by white, fluffy Samojeds.

northern lights tours

Northern lights tour Övertorneå

Norrsken Lodge

Experience and capture the Aurora Borealis on a photo tour. Together with an experienced photographer, you head out in search for the northern lights. With guidance from the photograher you get to photograph the northern lights.

snowmobile safaris, cross-country skiing and downhill skiing

Snowmobile Norrsken Lodge Övertorneå

Norrsken Lodge

Norrsken Lodge offers a range of different snowmobile safaris and there is something for everyone. They promise a fantastic time!

Cross-Country Skiing Arthotel Övertorneå


At Arthotel, you can head out on a snowmobile tour or try cross-country skiing. Arthotel can help you tailor your winter experience.

Svanstein Ski Downhill Skiing Övertorneå

Svanstein Ski

Ski downhill on a world heritage site. The 16 slopes sits on the mountain Pullinki, where you also find Struve Geodetic Arc.

reindeer and Sámi culture

The Reindeer Herd Sami Activities

The Reindeer Herd

The Reindeer Herd welcomes you to learn more about the everyday life of local reindeer herders. You can meet the reindeer during the winter season when they are in the corral, learn about the Sámi culture and try lasso throwing.

Camp Torne Valley Experience Övertorneå

Camp Torne Valley Experience

Meet the reindeer up close in the corral, surrounded by tall trees. Relax and enjoy the nature while the curious reindeer roam around. After a sleigh ride, try kokkaffe (boiled coffee) made over an open fire in the wooden hut.

Pyhäjärvi Reindeer Farm Övertorneå

Pyhäjärvi Reindeer Farm

Always dreamt of a sleigh ride like Santa Claus? At Pyhäjärvi Reindeer Farm you can both meet the reindeer and go on a sleigh, pulled by reindeer. Try lasso throwing and buy traditional Sámi handicraft.

hiking and climbing

Rappelling Luppio Mountain Phegl Övertorneå


For a real adrenaline-kick, try climbing, bouldering or rappelling on the mountain Luppio. Stunning views combined with steep cliffs equals an unforgettable adventure!

Hiking Övertorneå Arthotel


Contemplate on a stroll along Torne River or take a hike in the forest and immerse yourself into nature. A professional nature guide will show you the best trails.

pools, boat tours and canoe rentals

Canoe rental Norrsken Lodge Övertorneå

Norrsken Lodge

Rent a canoe at Norrsken Lodge and explore Övertorneå and nature from the water.

Ekobadet outdoor pool


Bring the entire family to Övertorneå’s outdoor public swimming pool.

fishing and hunting

Forest hunting Rantajärvi Vildmark Övertorneå

Rantajärvi Vildmark

Hunt for moose, grouse or small game in vast forest areas. A hunting activity is a way to learn more about nature signs, tracking and the Arctic lifestyle. Rantajärvi Vildmark also offers both ice fishing during winter and angling in the summer.

Hunting autumn fall Vitsaniemi Gård Övertorneå

Vitsaniemi Gård

Vitsaniemi Gård are experienced hunters and offers moose and bird hunting. Try one of their set packages with hunting and accommodation. You can also try fishing with nets from a boat, angling or ice fishing during the winter.

sauna experiences

Eco Lodge Sauna RiipiBo Övertorneå


Enjoy a soothing session in a timbered sauna, overlooking the forest and lake Riipi.


Dessan’s Café and Accommodation

Try a nice sauna on the border between Sweden and Finland.

Naarajärvi Wilderness Camp Rantajärvi Vildmark Övertorneå

Rantajärvi Vildmark

Head out to Naarajärvi Wilderness Camp for a secluded sauna evening, right by the lake.

Hot tub Norrsken Lodge

Norrsken Lodge

Try different saunas at Norrsken Lodge’s sauna land with access to an outdoor hot tub.

accessible activities

The Friendly Moose Övertorneå
Northern Lights Övertorneå
Disabled holidays Övertorneå

The Friendly Moose

Experience the natural beauty of Övertorneå at the heart of Swedish Lapland. The Friendly Moose makes it possible for everyone to tick off their bucket list. Do you have a disability or additional needs and dream of watching the northern lights from a dog sled? Or perhaps you want to encounter wildlife, swoosh down a snowy slope or learn more about the Sámi culture? This is for you.

Paul and Maria Roberts at The Friendly Moose have the understanding, knowledge, and experience to meet every guest on their own terms, be it a physical or mental disability or other additional needs. Specialist equipment will make your holiday safe and ensure you can experience the quintessential Swedish Lapland.

Your entire trip, transfers, activities and accommodation will be taken care of, and you can tailor it to your liking. Choose between ice fishing, meeting moose and reindeer, skiing, snowmobile and northern lights safaris. There are husky sled rides, cultural experiences and the midnight sun – everything you’ve ever dreamt of.


Yvs Bakery Övertorneå

Yvs Bakery

Handmade, gluten and lactose free baked goods – even the ingredients are hand-picked!

Stencafe Övertorneå


This is a must-stop for all stone and crystal fans. Shop jewellery made from local stones.

Tornedalens Renprodukter

Tornedalens Renprodukter

Your go-to shop for artisanal edible reindeer products. Dried, smoked, salted – you decide.

Pyhäjärvi Renfarm

Pyhäjärvi Renfarm

Shop one-of-a-kind Sámi handicraft, made by Sixten himself.

Forest Jewel Shop Övertorneå

Forest Jewel

Shop for wooden Sámi cups of different sizes as well as souvenirs from Swedish Lapland.

Simu Nordic Övertorneå

Simu Nordic

Shop high quality knitted clothes, designed in a timeless and classic fashion.