Are you fat enough to look good in a swimming suit? Absolutely. You don’t have to look and feel great in a swimming suit if you are a strong, confident woman.

Brands are starting to cater to plus-sized women thanks to social media. Plus-sized models have an opportunity to get a major break, something that has never happened before. Although the representation and sizing are still very limited, it is a promising beginning.

Is it possible to look beautiful in a swimsuit, even if your body is fat, despite the unwritten rule that swimsuits can only be worn by skinny women? Yes! Yes, absolutely!


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But let’s get real. You came here to get a clear guide on looking good in a swimming suit. It doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you to wear whatever you want. All designs don’t look great on everyone, no matter how skinny you are.

Here’s how to look beautiful in Curvy swimwear


Know your body and “problem areas”.

There are six major plus-size body types: hourglass, diamond, hourglass, and apple. Each type has weaknesses, or “problem areas”. Problem areas refer to the area of your body that is least flattering. These areas must be camouflaged to meet the standards of beauty.

By downplaying the less flattering parts of your body, you can create a flattering proportion.


Highlight the parts of your body you are most proud of.

This guide will show you how to determine which body shape you are, where your problems lie, your best features, and which swimsuits would look the most flattering on your body.


Take care of your stomach

Any plus-size woman, regardless of her body, will always have a bulging stomach. If you don’t know what to do, you can always rely on To create a slimmer waist.

Peplum tankinis are a great example. The peplum tankini is a flattering fit that hugs the waist while flares at its bottom, creating a contrast that slims down the waist.

You can also opt for cutouts. You can make your look more dramatic the more exposed skin you have. Or, mesh cutouts can be used to expose some skin while still allowing for imagination.


Buy swimsuits that have tummy control panels

You don’t have to wear loose-fitting bikinis if you don’t like the look. But if your stomach isn’t happy with wearing them, you can get one with tummy control panels. It will shape your waist, tuck in your tummy fats and eliminate the spilling fat effect that can occur when plus-sized women wear a body-hugging swimming suit.

Many tummy control swimming suits are designed for plus-size women.


How to find the right bra size for your breasts?

Do not add more volume to large breasts. Aim for a flattering, more lifted, and ageless look. You should look for bras with good boning, a comfortable underwire, and thin padding. Avoid thick padding. They can only be a burden and make it worse if they get wet.

You can enhance your breast size by wearing a push-up bra with underwires if you have small breasts. They are not all uncomfortable, though.

Because it has a unique mechanism, which allows the wearer of the bra to adjust her cleavage in four different levels, the brand applied to patent it.

You can also wear a printed shirt. You can also wear a printed top, but pair it with a darker plain bottom to contrast. This is a great option for women with large hips, as dark colors can de-emphasize your hips and print increases the bust.