Next to corn and strawberries, frozen potatoes are the most preferred freezer staples by many, today. Some food items may go out of stock when the season passes, but this is not the case with potatoes. Hence, many women prefer stocking their freezer with diced potatoes throughout the year. 

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Some Recipes for Preparing Frozen Potato Dishes 

Here are some of the many dishes that are prepared using frozen potatoes as one of the main ingredients. 

  • Egg casseroles for breakfast 

For an extra hearty and filling breakfast, you can add some of the frozen potatoes to your egg casserole recipe. They will not require extra time for cooking and you can just add the frozen dice without any need of thawing them or par-cooking them beforehand. 

  • Hash brown egg bake 

With the help of the already frozen potato slices, you can prepare this recipe as early as possible. Be it for breakfast or lunch or even for brunch, some bacon, cheddar cheese, and the egg with some frozen potato slices will surely make the dish tastier for you. 

  • Potato Casseroles 

There is not much difference between the recipes of egg casserole and potato casserole. As the name says, the main ingredient in both these dishes makes them different from one another. Using the frozen dried potatoes is like saving extra time that was otherwise required for dicing, peeling, and cooking the potatoes. 

  • French-Fry Bake 

This has become one of the many tasty dishes that make into the menu of the church gatherings. The beauty of preparing this dish is that you can sneak in some other veggies such as beans, carrots, and so on. 

  • Stews and Soups 

For preparing soups, frozen vegetables are the ideal choice, as they will not require extra time for you to cook them separately. All you have to do is add them in the last few minutes of stirring and cooking your soup. The beauty of keeping the stock of the frozen potatoes is that you can add them while preparing the chicken broth also. 

  • Chicken Hash Brown Casserole 

This is the ideal dish for people and children belonging to all ages. Apart from being the normally included party menu, this recipe will never fail to blend into any kind of food menu such as holiday specials, family get-togethers, and so on. 

  • Skillet Meals 

One-skillet meals and the hash bases require an ideal base to bring out the taste of the dishes, and frozen potatoes and hash browns are the ideal options in this case. There is no need to par-cook them or thaw them, as you can directly add the frozen potatoes from your freezer into the dish. 

Many such dishes have become tastier because of the addition of frozen potatoes. You can try them at home and get to taste the best dish any time of the day or night.