In recent years, marijuana legalization has seen more people legally experiment with everything, from candy and skincare products infused to cannabis. There’s a type of cannabis product that has been getting lots of attention, and it won’t get you high.

As more CBD producers promote CBD as the “it” drug in the health and wellbeing set, it has become more popular. It is being promoted as pain relief and treatment for anxiety. What is CBD? And how can you get it even if your state doesn’t allow for cannabis use? are cbd edibles legal? All these questions will be answered.

What’s CBD?

CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol. It is one of many cannabinoids or chemical compounds found in cannabis and hemp plants. CBD isn’t psychoactive so it doesn’t produce the same buzzy effects as marijuana.

Consider CBD to be THC’s straight-edge counterpart. CBD doesn’t get you high but it does have side effects and potential uses.

What Does It Do?

The legal ambiguity surrounding cannabis is a problem. Although federally illegal, dozens of states have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational purposes in recent years.

However, CBD can be used to alleviate some symptoms of anxiety including insomnia. There have also been some studies showing its effectiveness in these cases. Many CBD products have been developed to treat chronic pain such as arthritis. Other studies have also shown CBD’s anti-inflammatory potential. Multiple studies have shown that CBD is an effective treatment for seizures. There are many CBD products available for epilepsy patients.

What Can You Do With It?

After the CBD compound has been extracted from the cannabis or hemp plants, it’s usually packaged as a concentrated oil or cream.

The oil can be mixed with other products to make trendy wellness products. This includes pills, vaporizers, creams, beauty treatments, and edibles such as candy, mints, and flavored sparkling water. You can also find CBD-infused pet treats for owners of anxiety-prone dogs and cats.

Creams and balms can be used to relieve pain. CBD oils can also be taken orally.

Is It Safe To Use?

The more medical research and studies that focus on CBD, then the better we will know about the side effects and potential medical benefits. CBD may have “therapeutic value” in epileptic seizures. However, further research is needed to determine CBD’s medical potential.

But Is It Legal?

It’s a grey area, just like other cannabis products. Any CBD products made from cannabis plants are illegal unless they have been approved.

However, this is crucial, as with legal cannabis, each state decides how CBD should be treated. Most states allow CBD products in one form or another, often for medical purposes. Some states have CBD products included in their medical marijuana laws. However, some other states have CBD laws that permit CBD products in certain forms, provided they do not contain more than a small amount of THC. CBD derived from hemp may soon become legal in all states.