Vaping has become the most preferred way of inhaling e-liquid of any flavor by people around the globe. You can choose high VG e-liquid or the high PG e-liquid of your choice for today. The flavor of the liquid goes from shortfalls to 10ml vials.

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Nicotine Strength that is Right for You 

The nicotine strength that you choose in your e-liquid will decide the experience that you get from vaping every puff. The suggested strength of nicotine juice for the vaping unit is around 20 mg, which is equal to 2% strength. However, only this much nicotine strength is allowed in the e-juices that are sold in UK-based shops.

The shops that sell e-juices in the US can sell you the nicotine juices with the strength of 5% nicotine in them. The strongest bottle of nicotine e-juice that is available for you is the 18mg nicotine in a 10ml bottle. This is the best choice for people who smoke more than 15 to 20 cigarettes per day.

Strong Throat Hit Juice 

Cigarettes, when smoked continuously, can cause a harsh effect on the throat. When people stop smoking or go with the alternatives, they miss the effect that smoking offers on their throats. The best way of experiencing the same level of a hit to the throat is with the help of e-juice vaping.

The ratio of VG and PG in 50:50 in an e-juice will offer you the same level of effect as smoking a cigarette every time you take a puff from your vaping unit. For a stronger hit, you can go with the ratio of VG and PG in 40:60, respectively. You can find both the options in the shops selling wholesale e-liquid near you.

Smooth Throat Hit E-Liquid 

The soft throat hit can be experienced in two different ways.

  1. With the help of nicotine salts present in the tobacco leaves. They will offer a smooth effect on the throat with each puff and will deliver nicotine to the body at a great speed.
  2. With the help of a highly concentrated VG e-liquid. This e-juice is best suited for the vaping units that are manufactured with high-end equipment.

The Right Flavour 

The e-liquid manufacturer suggests you try every flavor before finalizing any flavor of your choice in the world of e juices. Instead of just landing on the tobacco flavors, it is suggested to try the other juices and decide what flavor your tongue prefers.

Even though you love to smoke the tobacco flavored e-juice, it is suggested to experiment around all the other options before getting settled to any one flavor.

Choosing an e-liquid is not a permanent thing because there will always be something new for you to try. Go through the available options and decide what is the right choice for you.