Cupping is as much a wine tasting experience for wine enthusiasts as it is for gourmet coffee lovers. We’ll be taking a closer look at “Cupping” and how to host a gourmet coffee tasting event in your home.

What is a Coffee Cupping?

It was originally created by boutique coffee shops to highlight their unique coffee blends Australia. Now it is a popular venue for gourmet coffee lovers and coffee house owners around the globe. It’s the Gourmet Coffee Tasting Party or, as some insiders call it: “Cupping”.

Coffee Cupping for Beginners

There are some things you need to know if you’ve never participated in a coffee tasting party. Cupping is more than just a gathering of friends to enjoy a cup of coffee and chat. It is a celebration of refinement. Cupping is now as complex as wine tasting. You will learn useful methods to compare and contrast different taste sensations during your coffee tasting. These are the most important characteristics:


Acidity is not the burning sensation that acid reflux causes in coffee. Instead, acidity is what wine is to coffee. The characteristics of acidity in coffee can be described as bright, transparent, snappy, and dry.


The body of coffee refers to the feeling of weight the coffee imparts to the palate. It can be difficult for beginners. Sometimes it is helpful to consider the thickness of the coffee leaves and how they feel on the palate.


Great coffee is often defined by its sweetness. If there is enough sweetness, intensely acidic coffees can be incredibly refreshing. Lemonade is a good example: Start with lemon juice and water. Next, add sugar until you have a sweetened level that balances out the tart citric taste. The same goes for coffee: the natural sweetness is crucial to allow subtle flavors to thrive and be appreciated.


The coffee’s finish is what lasts the longest. It’s what lasts long after the coffee is finished. Good coffee finishes are those that last for 10-15 seconds after the initial flavor has been absorbed.

You won’t enjoy it as much as a spring barbecue you are more familiar with hosting. Your guest list should be limited to four to six people. This will help you determine how many people you need to invite. Consider who will be most interested in the event and then choose a theme for your coffee.

Flavored coffees

Finding a coffee roaster that roasts coffee before it arrives at your home is key. That’s Coffee allows you to create the perfect sampler pack and is ready for the Cupping.

It is important that your guests have enough space to explore the samples and write their remarks. You might have a large island in your kitchen that could be used as a plug-in for the grinder and kettle. Many people have great success at the dining table. All your tools are ready – Place one to two coffee samples, cupping spoons, and spittoon cups beside each sample.

You will also need the following supplies:

8 to 5-7 ounce glasses (or cups) for tasting the coffee

64-ounce water kettle

Coffee grinder

Two-pint glasses (for washing cupping spoons).

4 cupping spoons. There are also special cupping spoons, but a tablespoon works just as well. The best spoons for deep bowls are those with a concave base.

Gram scale (for precise measurement of coffee, a measuring spoon can also be used)

4 empty mugs. Cupping involves sipping, slurping, and spitting. This will allow your guests to create their own spittoon.