These are the toughest years the world has witnessed after World War two. The whole world was in a state of panic for the past couple of years and the number of deaths per day was heart-wrenching. We were forced to stay at our homes and nobody thought that staying at home can be so difficult.

However now, since the world is re-opening, it is the best opportunity to visit your favourite places and complete the bucket list before you kick the bucket. One of the best places to visit for a small vacation in Malta. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, this archipelago country is situated at the east of Tunisia and south of Sicily.

The place is one of the smallest countries in Europe yet it experiences a tourist influx that is more than three times its population. This place has a rich history and it has been used in many Hollywood movies as well as TV series for shooting because the place is teeming with beautiful landscapes.

If you are planning to stay in Malta for a vacation, then you must stay in 1926 Hotel & Spa which is the best spa hotel MaltaNamed after the birth year of Savour vorg, this hotel is the ideal place for staying in malta. It is just a few steps away from the beachfront and a couple of minutes away from Valletta.

The hotel focuses on a blend of technology and comfort which is why all the rooms are equipped with well-suited technology to meet the requirements of the guests. All the rooms have a breath-taking view along with TV’s sets and tablets. These air-conditioned rooms have spacious bathrooms which are fitted with Raindance showers.

To enhance the staying experience and give you a taste of the orient, continental breakfast is served each morning to the guests. This will energise you the day and preserve a taste of the continental world in your mouth. This hotel also hosts a spa, wellness centre, and a restaurant bar for the best living experience of its guests.

Benefits of staying in a restaurant bar

There are a ton of benefits to staying in a spa hotel. Here is a list of a few of them:

1- Spa will reduce stress- the best way to disconnect from the world and relax is through a spa. The relaxing environment of the spa eases the tension of the daily world. professional massage therapists are experts to calm your body down and putting your brain in a relaxation mode.

2- Muscular relief- travelling is a tiresome activity. It becomes more tiring when you have fewer days and more places to visit so you will inevitably find yourself rushing from one place to the other. A spa will help you abate all the tension in the muscles and re-energise you with freshness and vigour. This will get you going for the next day.


Vacations in Malta are a great idea and the best place to stay in Malta is a Spa hotel.