For your safety and the safety and well-being of other road users, it is crucial to learn good driving habits.

Your actions and attitude on the road are key factors in determining how long your driving life will last. Today’s blog posts will highlight the qualities and factors of a good driver.

A driver who is good has these qualities

Speed limit:

The most important and obvious quality of a great driver is their ability to adhere to the speed limit. Road accidents are frequently caused by people who fail or can’t keep the vehicle under control to avoid danger. This is especially apparent during holidays. It is important to pay attention to all factors and conditions, even if your family has to be late for a lunch or important work meeting. Your safety and the well-being of your family are paramount.

Secure distance

The distance between the driver and their car can tell a lot about how good they are at driving. There must be a distance of 2-3 seconds between you and the car in front of you. This allows you plenty of time to stop your automobile (and to avoid hitting any car in front) should it need to stop abruptly. It is possible to avoid an auto accident by keeping a safe distance from your vehicle. Tailgating can lead to nerves and other dangerous driving habits in the vehicle in front. Good driving skill is to maintain a safe distance.

Always identify and check your blind spots

It is extremely frustrating and dangerous when another road user fails to indicate before merging in your lane or cuts you off because they haven’t checked their blind spots. These close misses are unavoidable and can lead to many accidents. When changing lanes, turning, or turning, it is essential to indicate. You should also indicate when you are pulling out of parking spots. Safety merging is made safer by checking your blind spots.

Possessing defensive driving skills

The most important quality of a competent driver is their ability to be defensive. This ability comes with experience and requires the ability to anticipate the actions of other road users. You will be able to spot hazards, avoid accidents and observe them. These are key skills that make a great driver.

Bayswater driving instructors will teach you these essential skills so that you can be a confident and dependable driver for your whole life. This combination of driving skills and additional awareness skills will transform you into a proactive, safe driver.

Park with precision

Driving from A to Z is great. Knowing what to do when you get there is even better. Even though parking can seem to be one of the most difficult skills to learn in driving lessons, it’s an important skill that every student should have. No matter if you need to reverse park or park between the lines at your local grocery store, good driving skills will include the ability to properly park. Parking your vehicle in an unsafe area could pose a safety hazard to other road users. You should work hard to improve this skill.

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You can improve your driving skills and habits.

Check out these good driving habits

Disconnect the phone

It is actually against the law for P Platters not to use their smart phones as GPS devices while driving. Even if your P’s are off, you can’t touch your Smartphone while your keys remain in the ignition. So that you don’t get distracted, start to put your phone in your glove box or bag until you reach your destination.

Turn up the music

When you are inexperienced or new to the driving sport, loud music can cause distractions. So that your tunes don’t take precedence over your driving, get into the habit of driving while the music is at an acceptable volume.

While it may seem obvious to many, people need reminders about how important it is to wear a seatbelt. A lot of fatalities occur when road users aren’t properly buckled. It is possible to avoid unnecessary deaths by wearing your seatbelt. This good driving habit can also be used as a passenger.