Adelaide, the capital and largest city in southern Australia is famous for many things. Adelaide is well-known for its wine and historical museums, vibrant festivals (one of the most scenic sporting grounds in all of Australia), and wildlife. Apart from these tourist attractions, the city has many more adventures. If you have completed Adelaide’s iconic tourist route, be sure to spare some time to visit these interesting and enjoyable places. Campervan hire in Alice Springs and Adelaide, and enjoys the city’s unique experiences.

Seven fun and bizarre things you should do on your Adelaide visit

1. Quirky Bars

Adelaide is all about wine. But, Adelaide is not all about sophisticated wine & dining experiences. The city is full of quirky and vibrant bars that are well worth a visit. Adelaide’s many bars are diverse and include Holey Moley (a club featuring a lot of cocktails), The Sorcerer’s Bar, Maybe Mae (an arts-deco-inspired drink den), and the Sorcerer’s Bar.

2. BBQ Buoy

You’ve ever had a barbeque at the bottom of a lake? It is possible in Adelaide. BBQ Buoy is unique in Adelaide. You can grab your favorite snacks, grab some beverages, and head out for a boat party with your friends. These are not ordinary boats. These boats can have an inbuilt grill or a table, a sun shade, Bluetooth speakers, or both. This boat is ideal for anyone who is looking to travel light. There are options for every size group, ranging from 3 to 39.

3. Get Some Ghosts

If you are interested in Spooky Adventures, this is the right adventure for you. Adelaide’s ghost tours take visitors to real haunted locations. There are no set-ups or tricks, just real-life paranormal experiences. Paranormal professionals will lead you on excursions to South Australia‚Äôs most haunted spots. You can also try the equipment! Tour operators can arrange customized history tours for those who don’t like ghosts or are interested in history.

4. Mount Lofty Can Be Climbed

These mountain ranges provide panoramic views of the city, including Mount Lofty, at 727 meters high above sea level. It is a haven of tranquility for campers as well as nature lovers. A lot of camping areas are close to Mount Lofty, which allows you to enjoy nature’s beauty and time with your loved ones.

5. Whisper To The Wall

This whispering wall is located in Barossa Reservoir. It is more than 110 years old. Its age is not its only characteristic. Many are astonished by its ability to play music. You can whisper to your friend from one side of this wall and they will hear you from the other side 140 meters away. Barrosa also has many other attractions. Barossa Valley, nearby Wineries, and scenic villages are just a few of the many attractions you can explore.

6. Gilles Street Market

The best way to discover the authentic spirit of a place is by going to its outdoor market. Gilles Street Market occurs once a month in Adelaide. It is well-known for its best showcase of fashion. A vibrant collection of retro fashion shoes, accessories, as well as other items, can be found at over 90 stalls. The fashion fiesta includes live music and food and beverage stalls. Adelaide’s Gilles market is an essential experience for first-time travelers.

7. Segway Rides Are Available

A segway is a great way to give the traditional sightseeing tour an exciting twist. After you’ve completed all the training, the guided portion of your tour will begin. The ride begins with a river trail that offers breathtaking views of the Adelaide riverfront. The ride also includes stops at Patawalonga Creek, Glenelg Jetty, Boat Docks, and Boat Marina. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the turquoise waters and golden sand at Glenelg Beach as you end your day.

Wrapping Up

Adelaide has it all, no matter if you are an adventurer, nature lover, architecture enthusiast, or beach baby. We hope this list of unique experiences makes your trip extraordinary. Hire a motorhome to explore Adelaide without the hassles and time constraints of booking a hotel.