It’s an unforgettable experience to explore the Amazon Rainforest at Iquitos. The lush jungles of Peru are the ideal backdrop for a honeymoon, solo soul-searching adventure, or family-friendly way to learn more about the rainforest and its biodiversity. You can do many things in Iquitos tours before or after you get to your Lodge/Cruise.

House Of Iron

Casa de Fierro (or House of Iron) was built during the rubber boom at the end of the 19th century. It is covered in silver-hued metallic sheets. Gustave Eiffel built the structure. It has a wrap-around balcony on the second floor, numerous exterior columns, and a distinctive red roof. It is an iconic historical site in Iquitos and one of the most well-preserved examples of Peruvian civil architecture.

Tarapaca Malecon

Just a few blocks away from the main plaza is the Tarapaca Malecon, a scenic promenade that overlooks the Itaya River. This riverfront walkway is filled with historic monuments and gardens, offering stunning views of the Amazon tributary. The Belen neighborhood, which is built on stilts above the water, will be filled with lush greenery and homes. This area of Iquitos is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. This area is home to many bars, cafes, restaurants, and gorgeous mansions built during the height of the rubber boom. You can also enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Iquitos.

You can see small boats departing from the Malecon Tarapaca port area to see the sunset over the river. Although the ride takes only an hour, it is worth it.

Belen Market Iquitos

The Belen Market offers a unique glimpse into Iquitos’ daily life and gives travelers a chance to get involved early. You will find a maze of stalls filled with exotic fruits, fresh river fish, and jungle herbs. You can also buy bottled oils that are used in healing and rituals of shamanistic magick as well as jungle-grown roots and seeds. To make it easier for your market to buy, you can bring small amounts of Peruvian Soles. Bartering is a common practice.

Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Firm & Amazon Animal Orphanage

Pilpintuwasi is an animal rescue center and butterfly farm. It’s located just 15 minutes away from Iquitos. Here you will find a wide range of butterflies and other animals that were once taken from the forest for the black market. The team is now working to restore the animals to their natural habitat and make them happier.

This rescue center was cute and only a short boat ride from the main port. English-speaking guides are volunteers, often from other countries. Each guide has its own story. This is the best part of this rescue center. They are committed to their rehabilitation and you are forbidden to touch any animals. This is a unique feature for Iquitos, as the average rescue center is not designed for rehabilitation but tourism.

Monkey Island

Monkey Island is an island located about 45 minutes from Iquitos. The entire island is devoted to the rehabilitation of monkeys. Not all poached animals can be released into the wild. Monkey Island offers information about the impacts of wildlife tourism. You might even get a friendly monkey to jump on your shoulder!

Amazon Rescue-Center

The Amazon Rescue Center is also known as The Manatee Rescue Center. It rescues, rehabilitates, and releases endangered wildlife in Iquitos. This is a great way to get up close and personal with these sea cows, while also helping to protect this endangered species.

Amazonian Indigenous Cultures Museum

The Amazonian Indigenous Cultures Museum focuses on the history and culture of indigenous peoples from the Amazon Basin. The museum is housed in a small, two-story building and features ceremonial relics as well as clothing and hunting tools.